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This template creates a furnace grid.

Parameters[edit source]

Cells are numbered from the top left corner, starting at A1. Each cell can also have an optional link parameter that will make the cell link to the specified page.

A1 link
A2 link
B1 link

There is also an optional width parameter that allows you to change the width of the crafting table. Please DO NOT include units such as px. The grid defaults to 152px wide.

Example[edit source]

{{Furnace | width = 300

| A1 = Rope.png | A1 link = Rope
| A2 = Clay - icon.png | A2 link = Clay block

| B1 = Coal.png | B1 link = Coal

Result[edit source]

Blank Table[edit source]

{{Furnace | width = 

| A1 = | A1 link = 
| A2 = | A2 link = 

| B1 = | B1 link = 

Result[edit source]